Impact Health Profile

Impact Healthcare is unique owing to the longstanding involvement in Emergency Medicine in Australia by its founder and director Dr Phillip Kay and its involvement in multiple projects in multiple markets. Dr Kay was the first Specialist in Emergency Medicine to enter the private sector in 1987, making him the most experienced person in Australia.

He has worked in multiple markets around the country for different types of clients varying from the not-for-profit Church sector to for-profit corporations (listed and non-listed). No other operator has matched his achievements. One other company was temporarily in the market with three centres but has since gone into receivership. All other projects in this country have been single operator / single site.

He has set up seven entirely different units around Australia and acted as consultant for several others. Each of the centres he has set up has been universally highly successful and significantly less expensive than other models for the host hospital. None of Impact Healthcare’s centres has experienced difficulty in their markets whilst others have gone bankrupt, closed or restructured into GP services.

Emergency Medicine has shown itself to be a dangerous area to enter unguided. His philosophy is that Emergency Medicine in private practice is neither a copy of public medicine into a private hospital nor a franchise style model. Each market and each hospital is significantly different.

The Emergency Centre must be individually designed and modelled for the host hospital in order to suit their needs both market-wise AND financially. Marketing and Customer Service are the keys to success as much as the model introduced. They are a stressful and volatile workplace, which creates a very difficult environment to maintain high levels of customer service and staff satisfaction.

Training in people management, customer service, and marketing principles is essential at all levels. The supervision of the doctor team over a long term has been a key feature of retention and success. Basically if you want an excellent service don’t set your own up and learn from your mistakes as you go because it is too expensive and some mistakes are irreparable.

Good judgement comes from experience; don’t let bad judgement be your trainer. Our company’s role is one of navigation through the minefield of private emergency medicine and coaching and support for the staff if the frontline to provide a model that suits the host hospitals strategy in the long term.