Pindara Place Day Surgery, Gold Coast

Pindara Private Hospital

Impact was commissioned by the AHC group to examine day surgery options on the Gold Coast for future planning as there was beginning an explosion of small doctor owned centres in the city. The hospital was concerned re long term market share.

The first stage involved an extensive interview process with all the key hospital users using a team of five people. Out of this a concept grew of developing a combined Specialist centre and day surgery in the same building. This was accepted and the second stage commenced. This involved the development of a day surgery group. There were several small groups of doctors interested and looking for land options to set up and run their own service separate and distinct from the hospital.

Over a period of a year and multiple meetings with specialists we formed a group of approx 14 surgeons who formed their own company. This company then formed a joint venture arrangement with the hospital for strata titled three-theatre ground floor day surgery. The hospital built a three-story $6 million combined day surgery/specialist centre. The Day Surgery is owned by the joint company and operated by the doctors with hospital support.

A win-win project was set up by Impact to make both parties happy. The hospital was going to lose almost all of its day surgery. The doctors are now able to run a day surgery their own way. A profit share arrangement occurs on the project. This was a complex deal, very time consuming but very successful.

Date : Pindara Place Day Surgery

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