Sydney Adventist Hospital

This hospital is the biggest in New South Wales and was considering opening an emergency service.
Impact was involved in several visits over a period of a year doing an analysis of the hospital’s function and casemix. A future strategic plan was developed and a hypothetical EC casemix overlaid onto the hospitals core business including Pathology and Radiology, which the hospital owned. A complete picture of the outcome was developed for the Board.

During the visits to the hospital an appraisal and selection of the size and site of the centre re access and relationships to other departments was also done. Several meetings with the hospital builders and project managers were conducted. A full formal proposal was presented to the Adventist Board and the unit was subsequently constructed and opened. A public hospital model was eventually chosen by the hospital with employed doctors on salary packaging. In Impact’s view this approach is suboptimal re long term control of medical costs.

Date : Sydney Adventist Hospital

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